Like exercise and nutrition, regular bodywork is an integral part of good health and it could be used inconjunction with Corrective Exercise and Stretching Techniques. Whether you want body restoration, to reduce muscle aches and pain and enhance muscle recovery and ease tension I will evaluate and assess to determine the best course of action for your unique condition. The different types of Massages are described below.

  • Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques
    Is a system of manual massage techniques, stretch and corrective exercise designed to rebalance the body and eliminate pain.

  • Sports Massage
    Helps the body to recover from the stresses of strenous exercise, while the physiological benefits lead to the removal of waste and greater cell nutrition, adding up to faster healing of injuries and less potential for future ones.

  • Orthopedic Massage
    Incorporates functional assessment, muscle testing (Applied kinesiology) and range of motion to isolate the specific muscle that is the cause of pain.