I wish I had known years ago the profound impact twice weekly training sessions, coupled with muscular massage therapy twice a month, would have on my life. Over the past three and a half years I've shed 65 lbs. and gone down four pant sizes and three shirt sizes. There's no substitute for having a coach with the multidisciplinary background Farzin has. To have someone with his expertise tailor exercise and body work specifically to my needs has enabled me to make huge gains and, most importantly, sustain them, seemingly with no effort. The nice thing is that everything I've learned is low tech in that I haven't had to invest in expensive equipment so it's easy to do at home, or anywhere for that matter. His advice about eating has been another major learning experience. In my case, eating MORE, not less (counterintuitive for me) of regular food (no yucky, fake, diet, stuff) has been a key factor in regulating my metabolism. Four years ago I started out with a goal of wanting to feel better; i.e., lose weight, rein in the cholesterol, dial down blood pressure and, scariest of all, normalize my blood sugar because I had just been diagnosed as diabetic with a very high A1C. In just three months I saw a major shift toward the positive in every area. I can honestly say that I now feel and look FIT. I'm confident about not backsliding because what I've been taught is now part of my everyday existence. I guess that's what all the "professionals" mean when they advise "lifestyle" changes.

~Janet G.

I had been suffering from hamstring pain, lower back pain and chronic injuries since the beginning of my college career. Farzin has an awesome technique that fixed my hamstrings and my lower back. He is extremely dedicated to the well being of his clients. I am excited to play soccer my senior year healthy and pain free. Farzin is a big part of that reason. I have recommended Farzin to my fellow teammates and other athletes.

Junior Division I Soccer player at the College of Holy Cross,
~Philippe Candido 

I have been a client of Farzin for 14 years and have been very satisfied with Farzin's expertise, knowledge and caring for his client's needs. Farzin introduced me to Active Isolated Stretching to increase my flexibility and range of motion and the results were great. Farzin provided me with the tools to use these stretching exercises on my own and to fit them into my schedule. I've also benefited greatly from Farzin's great massage work. He truly takes the time to listen to his client to ensure he addresses the specific areas of concern prior to the treatment. Farzin provides excellent service, true care for his client and the highest level of professionalism. You're the best!


Due to multiple shoulder injuries, I was unable to play tennis for many years. A friend recommended that I see Farzin. He told me that if I followed his program, he would have me back on the court in 4 months. With a combination of massage, stretching and strengthening, I was indeed back on the tennis court in 4 months. It has been 5 years now, and with periodic massages and guidance from Farzin, I continue to enjoy competitive tennis. Thanks for improving my quality of life!

~ Anonymous

My husband and I are both in our mid fifties and wanted to make changes to our diet. Both of our parents suffered from heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. Knowing that heart disease and diabetes are hereditary, my husband and I were in desperate need of a lifestyle change. We sought out the advice and knowledge from Farzin Feiz. He was great at explaining not only what we should be eating but also what to avoid eating. He also taught us how to read food labels, gave us meal and snack ideas and plenty of printed materials to take home for reference. He clarified the confusing messages about carbs, proteins, and fats. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Farzin and can already see and feel the changes in our bodies since eating the way we should. To this date, we are extremely happy with the results and plan to continue using Farzin's nutritional guidance, as an ongoing part of our health care. We would highly recommend his services.

~N.P. Shrewsbury,MA